Friday, July 18, 2008


I could be out in the square right now at the ArtBeat Festival watching Freezepop. But I got high, and now I can't really go anywhere. I don't feel like getting up and it's way too hot to even THINK about putting clothes on. Earlier though, before I became a waste of energy, I got high and went to the Galleria to go shopping for work clothes. I hate shopping. Which is weird, because I love clothes, but I reallllly hate shopping. Too many people, and too much ugly bullshit. I also can't stand children. I'm a super quick shopper too. I know what I want/like and head straight for it. Anyways, Aerie by American Eagle has this a-list thing, where if you sign up they give you a free pair of panties. I didn't believe it was free, but it is, and they give you gifts with your card every Thursday. I doubt I'll go back (except maybe for my Birthday, cause they give you something special then) but free underwear!!!

I got these, they have little umbrellas! :

Also, my favorite thing to do when I'm high lately is It's pretty much a virtual closet, and you make outfits. It's super girlie of me, and I never like anything girlie, but it's so addicting! Try it!

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