Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've found it!

If you're like me, you anticipate being hungry or thirsty and eat while smoking. I usually end up satisfied, but smoking always ruins the flavor of whatever I'm eating or drinking.

Not anymore! When I got off of work today at an unnamed coffeshop and I came home and started smoking I realized my iced venti no syrup green tea lemonade actually tasted better with the flavor of pot. Can you imagine that? I immediately called my best friend Sandy, (the only other person I know who smokes more than I do) and excitedly told her my discovery.

Do you know what she told me? She hates tea. Who hates tea? Either way, you should try it out, not only is it utterly delicious and refreshing (I've had 4 today, refills are only $ 0.53) but it has made smoking a little more enjoyable (I didn't think that was possible) but watch out, it has more caffeine than you would think. I had some pretty late the other day and didn't go to sleep til 4 A.M.

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