Monday, July 28, 2008


When I was about 6 I rented How The West Was Fun starring the Olsen twins and my life was never the same. I made a tee-pee in my room and made a sign like the one they had and got a little leather purse like they had and wore my hair in braids every day for months. Well, the Olsen twins are no longer out-smarting bad guys on ranches and I find watching a pair of twins finish each other sentences annoying but it seems we've grown up together and closer than ever as my favorite Olsen twin, Mary Kate Olsen has parts in my favorite movie and show of the summer so far.

Although she's no longer appearing in the show anymore, Weeds is one of my all time favorite shows and I think her addition to the show in the last season was a good choice. She plays the extremist religious stoner well. I bet she tokes up on the regular.

In the Sundance Film The Wackness (with Josh from Drake and Josh having sex!) she appears again as an extremist hippie stoner, and she makes out with Ben Kingsley, which is kinda gross but kind of hot. Either way, eat a brownie and check out this movie and then go home, eat another brownie and listen to the dope ass soundtrack.

In addition to her being a straight up ganja babe, I also like MK cause she really stands out in young hollywood, she went through the whole eating disorder thing and came out like a champ and has managed not to get any DUI's or dance on any table tops without panties. And she's so goddamned fashionably innovative.

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